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- 9 Park Place- Swansea, IL - 62226 - 618-233-5722

Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates, P.C.

Serving the Metro-East Area

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At Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates, P.C. we have one goal: to help improve the quality of life for each of our surgical patients. 

Our physicians are members of the staff of both Memorial and St. Elizabeth's Hospitals.

Our Cardiovascular Surgery program is fully devoted to meeting today's patient needs with tomorrow's medicine.

Cardiac and thoracic surgeons specialize in the surgical treatment of diseases of the chest and heart. Thoracic surgeons and cardiac surgeons have the same general training and certified by the same board. Cardiac surgery deals with the heart, and thoracic surgery focuses on the lungs. Cardiac surgeons deal with heart transplants, heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart valve blockages, and heart failure. Thoracic surgeons focus on the lungs, esophagus, and other chest organs and they treat lung cancer and emphysema.


9 Park Place - Swansea, Illinois